Can One Size Fit All?

one-size-fits-all Out of the Box vs. Custom Build For the majority of my career I have railed against "Out-of-the-Box" BI solutions because businesses don't come out of a box, processes don't come out of a box, and innovation doesn't come out of a box. I've prided myself on being able to re-engineer OOTB solutions and achieve better performance, extra metrics, and [...]

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Why OLAP?  For the first 3 quarters of my career I didn’t pay attention to Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology, everything I did was with relational [...]

BI Teams: Building Them and Joining Them

If you had to build your BI Dream Team, who would be the players? Your first instinct might be to go the ultra-experienced route, filling the team with seasoned veterans [...]

Developing Change Management for BI

Developing Change Management for BI One of the things I struggle with is change management for business intelligence. One of the toughest things to explain to non-BI [...]

Selling BI… Are we doing it wrong?

Ideas Worth Spreading I had an epiphany of sorts lately after viewing the following video from TED. Simon Sinek gave a talk about how great leaders inspire action and gave [...]

Go Tell It On The Mountain

In my last blog post I talked about user adoption and some of the hurdles that you may face. This time, I want to talk about one of the tried and true methods to user adoption [...]