2016-10-27-13_25_22-makeover-monday-_-a-weekly-social-data-project Have you heard about "Makeover Monday"? Every Sunday Andy Cotgreave and Andy Kriebel present a data set and a visualization that has been published somewhere in the world. The data sets range from Peaches to Police Violence and anything and everything in between. The point of it all is to present the data in a new way; keep what works and change what [...]

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Any Colo(u)r You Like…

After Matt Francis' "50 Shades of Data" at #Data15 I really got to thinking about color, it's usage, and the planning of pallets. So I thought that I would share some of the [...]

TDWI – Declining in the Face of a Changing Landscape?

At the beginning of February of 2016 I was lucky enough to attend the TDWI World Conference in Las Vegas, NV. This was my 4th world conference with the last one being [...]

Analytics – Trust the Data and Your Gut?

So earlier this year I entered an analytics contest and I won! TDWI sponsored the contest, using analytics, to predict the opening weekend for Star Wars: The Force [...]

“Color Rush” and the NFL

If you watched the Bills/Jets game on November 12th, you probably had a myriad of thoughts when first you turned on the game. In my house it was something to the effect of [...]

#Data15 Recap – Viva Las Vegas!

Background There are 10,000 stories from #Data15, and this one is mine. As a veteran of 3 TDWI World Conferences held in Las Vegas I had some idea of how the week would [...]