“Color Rush” and the NFL

By Mark • Business Intelligence, Visualization • 13 Nov 2015


If you watched the Bills/Jets game on November 12th, you probably had a myriad of thoughts when first you turned on the game. In my house it was something to the effect of “even the NFL couldn’t wait to decorate for Christmas.”

My split-second later thought was “Wow, being colorblind would make this game really hard to watch.” 

Turns out, I was right.


I’ve recently started a personal research project on color usage, design, and messages (which I will eventually share here). This example illustrates in a real-world setting the importance of color, and it’s usage. I’m sure Nike thought that those uniforms looked cool and the entire internet/social media universe would be talking about them all night and the next day… and they are, but the topic is different than expected.

Ever since I had a color-blind (albeit unknown to me) CFO ask me for a scorecard and I delivered a standard R/Y/G scorecard I have been hypersensitive to color usage for data visualization. Who would have thought it would have leaked in to a nationally televised NFL game?

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